Volcanic Lines: Deleuzian Research Group


I organised this group in collaboration with Dr Matt Lee.  We met regularly at the University of Greenwich for workshops and conferences, and posted reports and conclusions online. The edited collection Thinking Between Deleuze and Kant arose from these activities.

Our two international conferences featured presentations from those working within and across different disciplines and attracted delegates from across the UK and abroad. Our one day workshops, evening workshops and colloquia attracted academics and postgraduate students from several universities and independent scholars.  They had a flexible format with presentations but also much open discussion and close examination of texts. 

Here is a list of the events we organised. At the bottom of the page you will find the research group's statement of aims and objectives and further details of these events along with detailed reports of many of our discussions and findings.

24 June 2009

'Kant, Deleuze and the "great outdoors" of speculative realism' - a roundtable discussion to mark the publication of Thinking Between Deleuze and Kant

18 April 2009

On Foucault - A One Day Workshop on Deleuze's book on Foucault

11 December 2007 

Colloquium: John Protevi (Louisiana) 'Water'

October-December 2007

Weekly Workshops on Deleuze and Guattari's Anti-Oedipus

7 July 2007

'The Strange Encounter of Kant and Deleuze' International Conference

7 June 2007 

Colloquium: Mick Bowles (Greenwich) 'Understanding: Kant, Spinoza, Deleuze'

14 April 2007

An Introductory One Day Workshop on Deleuze and the Differential Calculus

Winter/Spring 2007

Weekly Workshops on the Essays of Gilles Deleuze

January 2007 

Colloquium: Darren Ambrose (Warwick) 'On The Diagram in Deleuze's Work'

 November-December 2006

Weekly Workshops on Alain Badiou's Deleuze: The Clamour of Being

November 2006 

Colloquium: Brian Smith (Dundee) 'The Limits of the Subject in Badiou's Being and Event'

 July 2006

'The Work of Gilles Deleuze' International Conference


Here are further details of these events and detailed reports on the presentations and discussions which took place: 

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Here is our statement of aims and objectives:


Some posters from research group events: 

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